Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Portrait

I'm home for a nice long stretch of time - which is very refreshing. Being on the road all the time does not leave time for any creativity, so 10 weeks home is a good thing.

I had a chance to play and felt like painting a portrait from a photo I took of my daughter. It's a gorgeous photo. I decided to flip her the other direction and use a different head shot, but I absolutely love the painted draping.

I'm not sure about the background or the hair yet, but I'll play another day. Just in case you wanted to trying painting a face, you can check out my "Painted Face for Beginners" DVD (yes BEGINNERS can do this) on my website.


Karen Newman Fridy said...

Stunning! Can't wait to see how you finish it

mzjohansen said...

I think it's a winner Bonnie !
Great work.

Unknown said...

beautiful!!!! I added you to my blogroll www.lmpoole.blogspot.com

Your girls are just growing into beautiful women!

bronwynm said...

can't wait to see this finished.

bronwynm said...

can't wait to see this finished.