Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Next stop...Australia

New Zealand was great and next to visit was Melbourne, Australia. The skies were beautiful coming in so I snuck some photos.

Mariya and Gavin Waters welcomed me into their home. And Mariya showed me how to make fluffy milk for latte. I am hooked now...and since I got home I ordered a milk frother. I'm gonna make baby chinos for the grand babies...

Ok back to the trip...I had a great idea to film a VidCast with Mariya while I was there. You might remember her as a winner in Houston.

She has done some fabulous quilts - one that I got to sleep under...

...and we'll get a peek at how she works and her technique for outlininq her Applique. So stay tuned to the VidCasts....it'll be a couple months.

Bonnie McCaffery
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