Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Taste of Maine

I get to travel and see lots of great places and meet lots of great people. But how often do you get to get a taste of the place. I had heard the one thing I needed to do while I was in Maine was to eat some Maine lobster.

The teachers are very conveniently housed in a hotel right next to the convention center...but the restaurant at the hotel only had pizza and burgers (ok, maybe a few other items) but lobster was not on the menu.

Karen Boutte and I had dinner with Nancy Z (one of THE best event coordinators I have ever worked with). A very casual mention of our desire to experience Maine lobster and Nancy made our dreams come true.

Beth, Fred, Diane, and Maureen were kind enough to offer the 4 teachers without cars a ride to the Lobster Shack. Mmm.mmm...good.

Beth taught us how to get every delicious bite of lobster meat out of that shell...and a very hard shell it was.

Jan Krantz opted for something besides lobster and Katie added mussels to her order. It is all about the company and the food. Thank you Diane, Beth, Fred and Maureen for driving us and making it possible to get the Maine culinary experience.
Bonnie McCaffery
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Location:Augusta, Maine

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Lisa Walton said...

So jealous - hope I can find a lobster when I am over that way.