Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 2 UK Festival of Quilts

The day started with filming the Tentmakers of Cairo. All I can say is WOW. Wait til you see the VidCast. Hasom and Tarek showed me how they create their beautiful quilts. You'll also get to see how FAST they do their Applique stitch. I guess if you do it every day, all day to make a living with it, you would get faster too.

The Meerkat Cat quilt is one of my favorites. I was lucky ton catch several of the makers on video. It is the best interview...
I had a lovely lunch with my dear friend Melinda Schwakofer-Coxon. A bit more filming and then my camera battery got tired and so did I. I decided to ditch the camera and just walk around to see what they were selling. Besides the usual fabric, thread and sewing machines, there was a booth where you could buy a kit to make a know, the little English hat topper worn at the Royal weddings. Supplies to do gold work (which always intrigues me), a gadget to make cording (we used to use a spool with some nails and a crochet hook), and so much more.

Topped off the evening with a Bollywood night...good food, good people, great dancing, and a talk about Kaantha embroidery. I dream of going to India so this was a perfect night for me.
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Wil said...

Thanks so much for including my quilt in your vidcast! Such a lovely surprise to see it there.