Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Lesson - doing good

Sometimes life gives you a mission and you don't have a you just do what ya gotta do. My daughters car has been inoperable for over a week and she needs rides to and from work. Everyone is pitching in. I've been lucky to get some of the early (I'm talkin' leaving here at 6:45AM) for a 40 minute ride to pick her up.
I've decided when you gotta do stuff, you have to look for the positive. So on one of my rides I took my camera and left a few minutes early. And there it was...the prize for doing something good.

It was actually a dreary kind of day, but as I crested the hill the sun was just peeking thru the clouds. I park, I shot, and this is what I got.
On the way back I stopped to see what I could get from this strange piece of farm equipment...

Another great find...just by moving and changing the point of view.

So my mission on a daily basis? Look for the beauty wherever it might be. Sometimes ya just gotta keep looking for the shot...or the beauty in whatever you have to do...
Bonnie McCaffery
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Location:Beach Lake, PA

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Diana said...

the machine you shot is one that turns the hay in the feild so that it can dry and make high quality food for the cows. <3
I really like the quilting motifs that I see in the rakes.