Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've Been Quilted - NUDE

Every now and then in life we do something crazy - I posed NUDE. Ferret mentioned she needed a "real" woman's figure to do as a quilt - so I volunteered. It took lots of guts to get the robe off, but once I did, I got comfortable. My daughter Heather took the photos - as an artist she knew what to look for. My only worry was sending nude photos via email. I made sure the photos went to Ferret's home computer - it would NOT have been funny had they landed on her work computer, ha, ha. Of course my girls tell me my nude photo is somewhere out in cyberspace - so much for "quilt porn", ha ha.

See the full quilt (in all my glory) on Ferret's blog (about half way down the page)

The quilt was hung proudly next to the quilt she did of my daughter - from a photo which I had been trying to make into a quilt. Here's a link to the photo Ferret used for Carly's quilt.

Ferret's quilts were displayed in her gallery space at the Birmingham Show in England. My quilt of my daughter still hangs on the wall unfinished.


jeaniesa said...

I was looking at Ferret's blog just a little bit ago and thought to myself, "That looks like Bonnie." Then I thought, nah.... Not five minutes later I read your post here and find out that it IS you! I guess that means Ferret did a good job capturing your likeness. ;) Congratulations! -Jeanie

Stacy Hurt said...

THAT. ROCKS. I'm so proud of you! She does amazing work & both the quilts are lovely next to each other! Congrats for 'coming out'! LOL

JKW said...

OH My Gosh, you are Amazing. That is the most precious thing I can think of to give to your family. You are beautiful. I enjoyed the class you gave this past Feb. in WPB at Laura's Sew & Vac. (If you go to my Blog - Feb 09 I have a picture of you and I.) Thank you for sharing your talent (and putting me on the newsletter list). Blessings, Janet

Lisa ONeill said...

You were brave - but it was a lovely quilt. I would have told others I posed for "Heat" - they don't have to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely quilt Bonnie. Every now and then it is very good for us to do something BOLD. Your decision to pose nude was fantastic. How many of us are ashamed of our bodies, it's just too sad. Glad you did this!!
I LOVE your vid casts, and find them becoming part of my nurturing as I stitch away at home.
Thank you so much.

marijka said...

FYI, the link now seems to be