Friday, January 30, 2009

Portrait Quilts BOOK Reprint

I am SOOOOO excited to announce that we have finally reprinted the "Portrait Quilts: Painted Faces You Can Do" BOOK. It has been out of print for quite some time and I have heard from so many people that they would have loved to have owned the book. And so we spent the money and reprinted the book.

If you have ever wanted to learn to paint a face on fabric, this is the book for you. It shows you step by step how to paint each of the features. EVEN A BEGINNER CAN DO THIS. The secret is a tracing of a photograph under the fabric so you can see exactly where to paint each of the features.

If you're a visual kind of person and need to see the painting in action, we also have the "Painted Face for Beginners" DVD.

I would love to see photos of faces you've done using this technique.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Portrait

I'm home for a nice long stretch of time - which is very refreshing. Being on the road all the time does not leave time for any creativity, so 10 weeks home is a good thing.

I had a chance to play and felt like painting a portrait from a photo I took of my daughter. It's a gorgeous photo. I decided to flip her the other direction and use a different head shot, but I absolutely love the painted draping.

I'm not sure about the background or the hair yet, but I'll play another day. Just in case you wanted to trying painting a face, you can check out my "Painted Face for Beginners" DVD (yes BEGINNERS can do this) on my website.