Monday, February 21, 2011

Go!Baby Play Day

Go! Baby Play Day
What's a Go!Baby? It's a die cutter for fabric. My friend, Karen Kay Buckley, gave me (yes, she sent it to me) one in December. She knew I was excited about it at Quilt Market. Well actually I was excited because it could cut Perfect Circles that I thought would team up "PERFECTLY" with HER Perfect Circles (TM).

Well I played and cut circles (because that's the only die I had). But then I began thinking creatively "couldn't I cut twice and get some other shapes? By repositioning a cut circle, I could cut marquis shapes and crescents.

And so I did and ended up with lots.

Well luckily I had a fusible on the back (which wasn't always a good idea because they stuck together). I experimented with a symmetrical design by creasing the fabric and adding the shapes...

Then I played with the leftovers in an asymmetrical design...Too much fun. Fused it down and now I have to figure out how I'll get those edge to stay put.

I'm hoping to add lots of dotZ to both projects. It'll be great to show in my NEW "DoodleZenDotZ" workshop - doodling exercises, bobbin embroidery of one design, and lots and lots of dotting techniques with paint.

Stay tuned to see what happens next....