Thursday, May 31, 2012

There are 3 more VidCasts you might want to catch up on. Gail Lawther takes us on a tour of her quilts inspired by a trip to New Zealand. Leslie Tucker Jenison finds a use for dried up paint. And a Creative group of quilters in Florida is inspired by the subject of doors - which leads to a series of quilts... Click on the links BELOW the pictures as the pictures are not clickable.

#069 Gail Lawther "Glimpes of New Zealand"

On a trip to New Zealand, Gail and her husband saw many many things that Gail decided to do a exhibit to capture them. Her exhibit (and book) is called "Glimpses of New Zealand". The book is available at Every quilt in the exhibit is in the book along with some great instructions. I think you'll be intrigued by her quilts as well as her demo.

Gail Lawther -

#070 Leslie Tucker Jenison - Gelatin Plate Monoprinting

Leslie is a very creative fiber artist and sees possibilities everywhere. We'll look at a couple of her quilts and fabrics. Then Leslie will do a monoprint demo.
Leslie Tucker Jenison -

#071 Journeys Thru Art Quilts
Thru a synchronistic turn of events I discovered a group of quilters in Florida who did a neat challenge about doors. I had been teaching and loved the students. I heard about their smaller group that would be meeting the very next day - and it was my travel day. So paid them a visit and heard all about their quilts. I think you'll enjoy a look into their doors and techniques. Enjoy! Special Thanks - Kathy Rentz -
Judie Gutke Eyvonne Smith
Jerry Granata
Natalie Carlton -
Patricia Foust
Karen Marchetti -
Pamela Post