Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sliding Design Wall

There's some talk about design walls on QuiltArt and I wanted to show you mine. You can see that I did not bother to neaten up before taking the photo.

The great thing is my 2 design walls are mounted IN FRONT of my sliding door closets that hold all of my fabric. The beauty of this is that the wall serves 2 purposes - fabric storage AND design wall. Keeping fabric behind closed doors helps prevent fading (if you can remember to close them that is).

Here's how I did it:
- Covered to sheets of insulation with felt.
- Mounted these to paneling the same size (this gives the sliding door wheels something to screw into
- Installed 2 sliding door kit rails to the ceiling (in a line to create the longest possible continuous rail)
- Hung the design walls on the rails

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pine Needles Technique

Someone on QuiltArt asked about a textural technique to create pine needles. I remember experimenting years ago - and I keep my experiments in a notebook (in plastic page protectors). So I dug this sample out to show. It's not the best colors - it's more about the technique - and it also looks a little messy, but you'll get the idea.
In this example the pine needles were added to a silk ribbon done with my "Twisted Branch" technique found in my "Fantasy Floral Quilts" book (which is out of print, but there a few copies left on our website).

1 - I used YLI Pearl Crown Rayon thread. I pulled off a couple long pieces (maybe 1-2 yards) and pulled them under a medium temp iron to remove the coiling. I wound the thread around a my hand to get a bunch of threads lined up. Tape the threads together temporarily until it's stitched down.
2 - Then cut the ends so the thread tails are free giving the look of pine needles. I'd love to see photos if you try this technique - bonnie@bonniemccaffery.com.