Monday, May 30, 2011

Kangaroos &Kaolas

Next stop on the tour was Adelaide. Kay picked me up and asked what I'd like to do. So I told her what was on my list and off we went to have the ultimate Australian experience. We went to Cleland Wildlife Park. Kangaroos were lounging around everywhere.

I even got to feed some.

The Coolest thing was I got to see baby joeys in the pouch. Kay was feeding both the momma and the baby in the pouch from her hands.

And I also got to pet a Koala. They feel like a stuffed animal only harder.

We saw several other animals and birds including an emu.

What I loved most about this was that the animals weren't in cages and I could take photos...which I did of course...tons of photos.

Bonnie McCaffery
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Location:Adelaide, Australia

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Zoe said...

These animals are adorable! Thanks for sharing the photos.