Friday, August 12, 2011

UK Festival of Quilts Day 1

German quilter Grietje van der Veen had a beautiful gallery space. This day was packed full. I filmed a VidCast with UK artist Yvonne Brown...Took lots of photos and video...

Watch for a video clip in Septembers VidCast as Pauline Barnes talks about her felt quilt.

My friend and UK artist Maggie Davies was demoing needle felting and her NEW Christmas book.

Today is my interview with the Tentmakers from Cairo. This exhibit is SPECTACULAR! And the prices for these pieces was amazingly affordable. I was going to go to Egypt to film a great piece about the Tentmakers. Just after I purchased my ticket it went crazy in Egypt and I had to cancel my trip. Watch for this VidCast in the future.
Bonnie McCaffery
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Location:Birmingham UK


Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Hi, what a surprise seeing Grietje on you blog. But Grietje is Swiss not German. Are you also vidtaping with her?

patricia said...

I went to Birmingham for the first time.... GREAT! Just a little comment about Greitje... her name sound more to come from Holland (Netherland) than Germany but... I'm sure she lives in Switzerland : she is part of the swiss quilt guild (was in the "comité" till last year...)

BonnieMcCaffery said...

Correction...Grietje van der Veen I hear is from the Netherlands and lives in Switzerland.